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Normalising discussions around loss and grief

At the heart of every community lies a shared experience, one that transcends culture, age and background: the experience of loss and grief. Yet, despite its universality, discussions surrounding grief often remain shrouded in stigma and silence.

Here at Griefline, we believe it’s time to change the narrative. We are embarking on a journey of courageous conversations, engaging with leaders, organistions, and communities to normalise discussions about loss and grief. Through their stories, we aim to illuminate the human experience, fostering empathy and understanding while reducing stigma associated with grief.

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Kerry Evitts

Kerry’s mission goes beyond crafting exquisite artworks; she is dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of art and creativity as catalysts for societal inclusion. Join us for a conversation facilitated by Griefline’s Training Coordinator, Salomie Joseph, as we explore how Kerry uses her art to bridge gaps and bring people together, creating a more inclusive society.

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Catherine Ashton

Discover the story behind Critical Info with founder Catherine Ashton as she shares her journey of transforming personal loss into a mission to empower others. In this enlightening interview, Catherine shares the essential tools and resources for end-of-life planning, emphasising the importance of being prepared and informed.

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Cherie Clonan

Griefline’s CMO, Louisa Smith, explores Cherie’s advocacy for accessibility in content delivery, revealing the intricate nuances of the neurodiversity journey. Through Cherie’s story, we confront the importance of access and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, woven amidst themes of grief and loss.

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Imogen Carn - Co-host of Good Mourning grief podcast

Imogen Carn

We were thrilled to chat with Good Mourning Podcast co-founder – Imogen Carn – about her grief journey in the lead up to mother’s day. Imogen shares how she honours her mum, Vanessa, ensuring she keeps her memory alive for the benefit of her daughter and as a coping strategy on those difficult grief days.

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Katherine McLean

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Katherine McLean, Director at the Hunter Writers’ Centre, as we discuss the revival of the Grieve Project after a year-long hiatus. The Grieve Project is a storytelling initiative that invites people to share their personal experiences of grief, fostering a deeper understanding and connection within our community.

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Sally Douglas sitting on a chair with her head resting on her hand

Sally Douglas

Discover Sally’s heartfelt story of resilience and healing in our latest video. She courageously shares her personal experience of losing her mum to SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), revealing the profound impact of this sudden loss and how she has coped since that tragic day. Be inspired by Sally’s journey of grief and strength.

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