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Griefline has been serving the community for more than 30 years

We support Australians in their grief by providing space to be heard without judgement or labels, and offering hope and healing after loss.

Our vision

To lead and inspire the national mental health industry in finding collaborative ways to prevent the escalation of mental health disorders as a result of grief and loss.

The service we provide is only made possible by the selfless efforts of our volunteer counsellors. Our volunteers come from all over Australia and from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

The grief and loss support services we offer are developed in response to the issues raised on our helpline, which paint a snapshot of the challenges affecting the mental health of our community.

Our mission

Griefline exists to help people find courage through their grief, and discover hope and healing after loss.

Support our vision

Working together with our volunteers, partners and stakeholders to ensure that we meet the changing needs of all people accessing our services.

We listen to what our callers are needing and our innovative services reflect this

We are aware that the world has changed and as an organisation, we are always ready to adapt and effectively respond to the changing needs of the whole community, nationally.

  1. We will provide the best quality range of services
  2. We will ensure that all services are easy to access
  3. All our programs are evidence-based best practice, using the latest mental health industry research
  4. We are engaged with policy and decision-makers to ensure that we are providing the best services

How do we ensure this happens?

  1. We provide evidence-based best practice training for all of our counselling staff and volunteers
  2. We provide monthly professional development for our volunteers
  3. We provide recordings of all professional development sessions, to support ongoing learning for staff and volunteers.
  4. All volunteers receive evidence-based debriefing
  5. All volunteers receive individual evidence based best practice supervision
  6. The organisation has clear and forward-looking governance structures

Our national impact aim in the COVID-19 environment

Our impact will have a positive effect and build capacity for an individual, a family, a community and on a societal level. Griefline is aware that societal change appears to be the constant in our lives at present and with increases in uncertainty, this can also have an internal effect on our own wellbeing and our sense of feeling grounded. When this is compounded by an experience of grief and loss, Griefline’s overall strategy recognises the need to stand together with you, and for you to know that we are here 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing support.

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