We are here to support your grief throughout COVID-19 and beyond. If you experience a delay on our Helpline, our online forums and digital resources are an alternative to telephone support, and are accessible 24/7.

The first responders to grief who remain by your side. 

Many people don’t know how to respond to grief and loss, whether their own or others. We are the frontline first and ongoing responders to grief for hundreds of Australians every day.

By being present for you in a safe space, we help you find courage through your grief and discover hope and healing after loss.

In addition to our national toll-free helpline, our website offers grief and loss information and support resources, including online forums and wellbeing practices, and the opportunity to connect through our weekly check-in call service. 

Phone Counselling and Support

Our compassionate telephone counsellors are available 6am to midnight, 7 days a week. It’s free to call and you can call as many times as you need to.

Our skilled telephone counsellors will listen without judgement and can provide you with tools and coping strategies to support you during the healing of your grief and loss.

Call our national toll-free helpline now 1300 845 745

Online Forums

Seeking support but don’t want to speak to a telephone counsellor yet? Our online moderated forums, are an alternative to telephone counselling, and are a safe space to connect, give and receive support.

Griefline offers online moderated forums for people experiencing grief and loss, isolation and loneliness, along with dedicated forums for people facing stressful or traumatic events such as natural disasters and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This creates the opportunity for anyone, in remote, rural, regional or metropolitan areas across Australia to share their experiences with each other.

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Grief and Loss Resources

In addition to our free telephone counselling services and online forums, the Griefline website is filled with psychoeducation resources to help you understand and navigate your experience with grief and loss.

Our Grief and Loss Resource Hub is a space for help-seekers to read stories and articles about the very real human experience that is grief and loss. It is a place to find information and coping strategies, as well as wellbeing resources such as mindful meditation and other self-care tools.

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  • This is so unexpected
  • I thought I would feel fine


  • How to cope
  • I feel shocked and numb


  • Working with trauma
  • What are the signs and symptoms

Coping with Grief

  • Symptoms of grief
  • Tips to support others

Natural Disasters

  • Fire
  • Drought

Financial Loss

  • Types of financial loss
  • Tips to cope

Relationship Loss

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Loneliness and Isolation


  • Changes in your sleep cycle
  • Trouble getting to sleep

Loss of a Pet

  • Losing a companion animal
  • Tips to cope

Major Changes

  • Major life transitions and change
  • Sexuality
Australia has been ravaged by a spate of natural disasters in the past 18 months including bushfires, floods and destructive storms. If you have been directly affected, you may be feeling distressed and overwhelmed, so please reach out for support. Our online forums are a safe space to connect with others and leave messages of support, hope or guidance to those experiencing grief and loss resulting from natural disasters.