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Breaking Barriers: Introducing Accessibility and Language Support on Griefline’s Website!

Griefline website with the Recite Me toolbar showing

Griefline's huge leap in digital inclusivity

6 March 2024

Griefline is proud to announce the launch of Recite Me’s suite of accessibility and language tools on our website, enhancing the digital experience of site users and help seekers. 

Developed to provide an inclusive experience for people with disabilities, learning difficulties, visual and hearing impairments and those who speak English as a second language, the Recite Me toolbar has been positioned at the top the Griefline site, inviting users to customise the site content to suit their personal requirements. 

“Effective website access is an essential requirement for all Australians, so it is crucial the experience we provide our site visitors is inclusive. 

We must reduce any barriers faced by people when using web-based programs and services. This will undoubtedly lead to empowerment of the user and support their independence without struggle,” explains Louisa Smith, Griefline’s CMO. 

When a visitor opens our website the Recite Me tool bar will now appear at the top, alerting the user that accessibility options are available including: 

  • Customisable text size, font and spacing. 
  • The ability to change text colour and background colour contrasts. 
  • A screen mask to provide colour tinting and block visual clutter. 
  • Additional reading aids such as an on-screen ruler and text-only mode. 
  • Text-to-speech functions in 65 languages. 
  • A real-time translation feature catering to over 100 languages. 

We are confident that the Recite Me features will allow many more help seekers to find and navigate through our grief and loss resources with greater ease and benefit from an enhanced experience. 

For more information, please contact Griefline Chief Marketing Officer Louisa Smith by emailing [email protected] 

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