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Coping with Grief

Free grief support

Griefline works with anyone experiencing grief and loss across Australia, inclusive of remote, regional, rural and metropolitan regions.

Everyone grieves differently. Your grief is as unique as your own fingerprint. However, while often immensely painful, grief is our natural healing process in response to loss.

Grief comes and goes, it can be intense and then manageable, predictable and then uncontrollable. It might be brought on by a recent loss or a historical one, be triggered by an anniversary or the dread of an approaching milestone.

Everyone has experienced grief or loss at some time in their lives and it can be a part of the grieving process that the person may experience extreme contradictions in emotion, varying from sadness, to resentment and anger and inclusive of many other emotions, which may also not make sense to the person at the time and may also feel very unexpected.

To support people with their experience of grief and loss, Griefline offers free telephone support, online grief and loss resources and moderated forums.

You are able to ring back whenever you feel the need and either take up from where you left off or reflect on the previous call.  And you might feel ready to engage with another Griefline service to work with your experience, such as interacting in the online forums or searching for information in the Grief and Loss Resource Hub.

You can be rest-assured you are in good hands, with all of our volunteer counsellors undergoing intensive and ongoing training. They are skilled and empathetic supporters, working with and alongside you.

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Our national toll-free helpline operates from 6am to midnight (AEST). All our services are free and available 365 days a year.

1300 845 745Online Forum
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