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    GL friend

    Hello, I thought I would add one of my favourite poems.

    The Window by Rumi

    Your body is away from me
    but there is a window open
    from my heart to yours.
    From this window, like the moon
    I keep sending news secretly.

    For me this poem is about continuing to feel connected to my mum who passed away in 2014 at just 48 years of age. Even though she is gone, she knows how Im going and all that goes on in my life because of the window thats open between our hearts. She is well and safe now. I know this in my heart.

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    In this poem by Marjorie Pizer she describes her grief process as a rebirth, giving hope to those who sometimes feel like they’re drowning in an ocean of grief.

    I am emerging from an ocean of grief,
    From the sorrow of many deaths,
    From the inevitability of tragedy,
    From the losing of love,
    From the terrible triumph of destruction.
    I am seeing the living that is to be lived,
    The laughter that is to be laughed,
    The joy that is to be enjoyed,
    The loving that is to be accomplished.
    I am yearning at last
    The tremendous triumph of life (Pizer, 1992, p. 44)


    Hi @gl-friend, thank you so much for posting the first piece on our Helping Hand Topic. This is such a beautiful poem that so perfectly describes continuing the bond with our loved ones who have passed away. How comforting for you to know in your heart that your Mum is still with you and that she is content.

    We welcome all community members to post something meaningful that has helped or informed you through your grief process.

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