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First Nations Voice to Parliament

Griefline Position Statement: First Nations Voice to Parliament

28 September 2023

Griefline supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in their right to self-determination, cultural preservation, equitable opportunities and a Voice in Parliament. 

Griefline values compassion, courage, and connection, and we believe in the power of every voice. We understand that each voice carries unique perspectives and experiences that enrich our collective understanding and decision-making. 

We understand that change requires courage. It takes bravery to challenge the status quo and envision a future that is different from our present.  

Our commitment to compassion reminds us that empathy and understanding are at the heart of any societal progress. We empathise with those who have felt unheard or marginalised, and we believe in the importance of creating an Australia where everyone feels valued and included. 

Our value of connection underpins our firm belief in the transformative power of unity. We are currently on a journey towards reconciliation, a path illuminated by our Reflect RAP and our support for the referendum. We are not simply advocating for change; we are committed to an ongoing process of active engagement and deep listening to foster stronger connections. 

While Griefline as an organisation supports the ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum, we deeply respect and value the diversity of views. We acknowledge that the answer to the question posed in the referendum is complex and personal. We encourage everyone to engage with this issue in a way that aligns with their own values and beliefs. 

Griefline encourages respectful and courageous conversations about the referendum. No matter the result, our united aim remains to support those experiencing grief and loss. 


If you have questions in the lead-up to the vote on 14th October 2023, we recommend you visit the SBS Referendum Hub.

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