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Sally Douglas

Sally Douglas is the co-host of the Good Mourning podcast, an author, speaker and a Griefline Ambassador.

Sally’s story is not just about loss; it’s about love, resilience, and the power of community.  In honour of Purple Day (26 March 2024), a day dedicated to raising awareness of epilepsy and remembering those lost to this condition, Sally bravely shares her experiences, shedding light on the challenges of navigating grief in its wake.

Griefline: In 2019 your mum Rose passed away from SUDEP, which was unexpected. Where are you at now on the wave of emotion that sudden loss can bring with it?

Sally: The waves of grief, shock and emotions were all consuming at first. Now, four years on, they come far less often. But when they do come, they can be intense.

Griefline: Connection has undoubtedly been a saviour for you during this time. What advice would you give others who are also on a journey of grief?

Sally: Community and connection is so important to coping with grief. Opening up and having a conversation with someone else can be one of the best ways to feel supported and understood during what can be an incredibly lonely time. That's why the work Griefline does is so important, because sometimes you just need a non-judgemental listening ear.

Griefline: What has surprised you most about humanity during your grief journey?

Sally: How powerful vulnerability is. Opening up to someone else can bring new connections, insights and comfort.

Thank you Sally

Thank you Sally for your courage and commitment to destigmatising grief.

We invite you to explore more of Sally’s journey and insights on the Good Mourning podcast, where she and her co-host Imogen Carn, fearlessly confront the challenges of loss with compassion and resilience.

For further inspiration and resources visit Good Mourning’s website.

As we embark on this series of Courageous Conversations, let us remember that grief is not a solitary journey but a shared human experience. Together, let us break the silence, foster empathy, and embrace the healing power of connection. 

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