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Cherie Clonan

Join us on this journey of discovery as we explore the intersections of grief, neurodiversity, and resilience with Cherie Clonan.

Cherie Clonan is not just a business owner; she is a passionate advocate for accessibility in content delivery. Through her work, she sheds light on the complexities of the neurodiversity journey, navigating through waves of grief and moments of joy. Cherie’s unique perspective as a business owner actively engaged in advocating for accessibility allows us to explore the intersections of grief, neurodiversity, and resilience.  

Griefline CMO, Louisa Smith and Cherie discuss the importance of promoting accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace for neurodiverse employees. Drawing from her own experience with neurodiversity, Cherie emphasises the need for organisations to commit to diversity and inclusion to better understand and accommodate the needs of their employees. She highlights the role of hiring practices in creating a safe and welcoming environment for neurodiverse candidates.

Join Griefline’s CMO Louisa Smith as she uncovers the challenges, triumphs, and profound insights that Cherie Clonan brings to the forefront of our understanding of grief and loss. 

About Cherie and The Digital Picnic

Cherie is a proud Autistic woman and the Founding Director and CEO at The Digital Picnic, a company that teaches digital marketing… and manages a full suite of digital marketing efforts for their clients.

Cherie is an award winning digital marketer who took a risk, and left the cushiness of a well-paid, super safe in-house digital marketing role to launch The Digital Picnic in October 2014.

Cherie is responsible for ensuring that TDP is continuously providing state-of-the-art digital marketing training to businesses all over Australia/internal marketing teams, whilst also overseeing the ongoing social media management her team delivers for an incredible line-up of clients within their digital marketing portfolio.

Cherie believes her biggest success measures revolve around disrupting the digital marketing industry, and consistently leaning into that neurodivergent urge to make the world a better place for having neurodivergents circulating within it.

In doing all of this, she has built a multi-million dollar company with empathy-led leadership at the heart and soul of everything it does … and a company that has gone on to be described by all as “the nicest place on the internet”.

For more information about Cherie and The Digital Picnic, visit:

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