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Kerry Evitts

Discover the transformative power of art therapy in navigating grief and loss.

Kerry Evitts is a British-born, Melbourne-based painter, designer, psychotherapist and mother.  

Kerry is on a mission to not merely craft exquisite artworks, but to harness the transformative power of art and creativity as catalysts for societal inclusion.  

Kerry has a deep passion for forging a vibrant community, where feelings of isolation yield to a profound sense of belonging.  She also has a wonderful vision for creating community cohesion.

Kerry has run free workshops for carers of children with disabilities and is planning to bring these workshops to volunteers, caregivers, the elderly, Indigenous groups, marginalized families and more. 

Discover more about Kerry and her passions as she embarks on a Courageous Conversation with Griefline Training Coordinator Salomie Jospeh.

About Kerry Evitts

From an early age, Kerry exhibited a natural flair for creativity, finding solace and a profound sense of balance in artistic endeavors. During a tumultuous adolescence, she delved into various techniques and mediums, using art as a lifeline to navigate through the depths of despair.

The exuberance evident in Kerry’s creations emanates from the profound truth that art, in essence, rescued her from the darkest recesses of depression.

Upon relocating to Australia at the age of 18, Kerry’s innate desire to assist others propelled her toward a career in psychotherapy, where she dedicated many years to aiding individuals in their mental health journeys. However, with the arrival of her three children, Kerry felt a magnetic pull back to her artistic roots, using it as a means to reconnect with herself and manage her own well-being. Infused with both joy and the capacity to inspire joy in others, Kerry’s artwork draws inspiration from the subconscious, vibrant hues, and the beauty of the natural world.

To learn more about Kerry and her work, visit her website: 


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