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Because I became suicidal, he left me

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    I struggled with suicidal thoughts and two suicidal attempts for two months, my beloved boyfriend left me after four beautiful years, what a prutal end, i cannot cope yet with this grief, please help me

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    Hi @Norah, welcome to the forums. We’re sorry to hear you are struggling and in such distress over the breakdown of the relationship with your boyfriend. And we’re glad you have shown courage and self-compassion by reaching out to seek understanding and guidance from others.

    It seems you are very self-aware having recognised that the feelings and thoughts you are experiencing can be attributed to grief and loss. You might like to take a look at the article on ‘Relationship Loss‘ on our resource hub which has some comforting and informative insights along with some suggestions for coping. Of particular relevance to you right now might be this statement “Give yourself permission, just to take things a bit easier. Recognise that the transition at the end of a relationship takes time and allow yourself to heal and become reconnected with yourself, your interests and your friends.”

    Right now you can think of yourself as being in ’emotional intensive care’ – so you need people around you that can give care, support and maybe even help with the day to day things while you regain your strength and clarity. Do you have options to reach out to friends or family around you?

    It’s also important to be kind to yourself when you’re in ’emotional intensive care’. So treat yourself gently and remember how precious you are. Engage in the things you enjoy, that give you peace – maybe it’s going for a walk or a swim, see a movie, engage in an art activity, write about your experiences or perhaps some mindfulness and meditation would be soothing. As a start, you could try the 6-minute meditation from our Resource Hub which helps you to reflect on Positive Experiences.

    With each moment of peace you will find yourself getting stronger and as you string those moments together the days become easier and hope for a brighter future will return.

    Perhaps others in the community can suggest ways for @Norah to reconnect based on their own experience?

    – please let us know how you are going. We’re glad you are here and we are here for you 🌸

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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