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Reply To: Young widow due to sudden death (early 30s)

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Young widow due to sudden death (early 30s) Reply To: Young widow due to sudden death (early 30s)

VM- thanasis43

Hi @bereavedwife,

Thank you for joining us on the forums and sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry to hear of the sudden, painful and life-changing loss you have experienced. Typically, we feel such luck at meeting a soulmate and receiving their love in return, but we never envision losing them at a young age. When something so out of our control happens it really does feel like our world has been turned upside down and our brain struggles to compute that we now have to rewrite the story we imagined for ourselves, which hurts like hell.

It sounds like you so treasured your partner and his positive attributes while he was alive and it’s incredibly normal to be confused by the idea that he is no longer here to bring your many plans to fruition. It can feel like a cruel blow that other people’s plans are going ahead when your plans have to change, but you should know that you are definitely not alone in what you are feeling. Our forum is here for you and we also invite you to call Griefline on 1300 845 745 any time you would like to chat to someone or feel you need support.

There have been other posts on the forum in the past, where people have experienced the early loss of their soulmate. I’m not sure whether @Heather @TashM or @JackM or @tiki2072016 might still be about, but they have previously shared their stories and support on such loss in other forum posts, which you may find helpful to read and connect on:

I lost my husband / I feel like there is no positive future/ nothing feels okay

Lost my partner a month ago tomorrow

You may also like to check out the resources on Coping with Grief on the Griefline website, if you haven’t already, and Understanding Trauma, as it sounds like you are still in some shock, which again, is very normal.

Whilst in shock, try to remember to do the little things that will support your mental and physical health, like eating properly and sleeping as well as you can. There are some resources on the Griefline website that offer tips for managing this too.

Please keep talking. We are here for you in your time of grief.

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