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Hi all
An update
It’s a year nearly since my dad passed away already. I miss him everyday. I’m still being treated like crap. I’m disrespected by my husband
He speaks to me with rudeness with no apology he speaks to others like honey but to me he’s a jerk. And I have to be ok with it. Well I’m not anymore.
He does not deserve me n I’m sick of being used like a glorified house maid for his brothers kid’s.
Today he was commenting on girls at the beach n telling the older boy to ho show them how to kick a ball.
I believe it was him that wanted to go. But disrespected me to my face.
Not to mention being on his phone when I talk so I guess it’s time to see a solicitor.
I’m not well his family has made me sick and he allowed it and sticks up fir them when they abused me for years he never asks how I am at all. He is rude full stop. I think he is here cos he’s expecting I’m gonna die so he will get it all.
All I can say is thank god we don’t have kids together
But I’m fed up. He needs to go.
I’ve been married for 30 years and I’ve always been alone. Leading a single life cos he is selfish. Simply a pig.

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