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Navigating pet bereavement webinar

Free webinar: 7pm, Tuesday 18th of June, 2024

Are you grieving the loss of a pet or supporting someone who is? Join our webinar for insights, healing strategies, and support.

We will delve into the unique challenges of pet loss across different life stages, address the emotional turmoil of euthanasia decisions, and provide tailored coping mechanisms. 

Learn practical tips for memorialising your pet and discover meaningful ways to honour their memory. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the grieving process, learn effective coping strategies, and remember your pet in a heartfelt manner.

Click below to visit our Humanitix event page for more information and register to attend.

About the facilitator: Candice Mace

Candice brings personal experiences with grief to her work, igniting a deep interest in clinical psychology, particularly in the realms of grief, loss, and trauma. Passionate about assisting individuals facing prolonged grief disorder, complex grief, pet loss, and other forms of disenfranchised grief, Candice creates a nurturing and collaborative counselling environment. 

Candice Mace - Griefline Counsellor and Grief Education Facilitator

Drawing from person-centered and trauma-informed cognitive-behavioral approaches, she empowers clients in their grief journey. With academic credentials including a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Candice is currently pursuing her Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology), demonstrating a dedication to scholarly advancement. Her research efforts, recognised with accolades, focus on grief and hold potential for practical applications in public health. Motivated by her own experiences of loss, Candice advocates fervently for compassionate support during times of grief, emphasising its pivotal role in healing and personal development.

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