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Loss & Grief Course

Loss and Grief Course

Only available in Victoria, The Loss & Grief Training Program offers each participant opportunities to:

  • Develop existing communication skills
  • Learn more about the process of loss and grief in its widest context
  • Become more aware of personal issues and the various perspectives that relate to loss and grief

As trainers our objective is to provide a creative space for participants to begin to integrate three components of effective counselling. They are:

  1. Theoretical understanding of loss and grief
  2. Skills training
  3. Knowledge and use of self

Our belief is that is that we need to utilise all three components in order to provide a safe space for our clients to explore their pain in a contained and meaningful way.

GriefLine’s Loss and Grief Course also includes a percentage of non-volunteers from a variety of professions, and people participating to further their own education.

The cost of the course:

$300 – for volunteers (it is expected that you will be a GriefLine volunteer for 18 months)

$750 – for non-volunteers

Please contact Natasha Dardo, Office Manager at GriefLine, for further information about the course or to register your interest:

Please email us.