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Candice Mace

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Candice Mace - Griefline Counsellor and Grief Education Facilitator

Candice Mace

Counsellor | Group facilitator

What inspired you to start working at Griefline? 

I experienced a significant bereavement 11 years ago – this profoundly affected my life in many ways, including generating a deep passion for mental health, clinical psychology and supporting people through difficult times. 

Grief is a universal experience that touches everyone at some point in their life, and I believe providing compassionate support during these times is crucial for healing and growth. I became part of the Griefline family in 2019, first as a volunteer and shortly afterwards as a counsellor and support group facilitator. 

What are your qualifications and career highlights? 

I have a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and I am currently completing my Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology).

My career highlights have been walking beside children, adolescents and adults in their mental health experience, with varying presentations and seeing their growth as they collaborate and work through goals together. 

I am proud of the research I have been able to conduct during honours and as part of my Doctoral thesis – my honours thesis was awarded an outstanding presentation award at the University’s Annual research and practice conference. 

My Doctoral thesis’ (with a grief focus) preliminary results have already been published in public health network newsletters which is exciting news as this research has real life implications for people affected by grief and loss 

What are you passionate about in the grief and loss education space? 

I am passionate about working with all areas of grief, including bereavements and living losses. I have particular interest in working with prolonged grief disorder, complex/traumatic grief, pet bereavement, living losses such as relationship break downs, health diagnoses, displacement due to natural disasters. I am also passionate about learning how different cultures mourn and understanding how our cultures influence our mourning processes.

I am passionate about reminding clients to treat themselves with kindness, gentleness and compassion and to listen to any messages from their body as they navigate through their grief. 

When you are not working and educating, where will we find you? 

You will definitely find me out in my cottage garden pottering among my dahlias, roses and various flowering perennial plants. I love singing or playing my heart out on piano or violin; sewing, crafting, baking or making preserves.

You can also find me up at my commercial persimmon orchard that I run with her partner, seeing many musicals or concerts across Melbourne or taking my 2.5 year old labrador, Bowie for walks or grand adventures, or travelling the world with  my partner!

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