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Hi @james84,

I’m new to this forum so it’s been a while since your post, but it resonated as I have a friend going through something similar. His wife took their child overseas and refused to return, and later did not allow him to see their child, who continues to be a pawn so that he will provide allowance for them. It has taken a toll on their extended family as everyone feels exhausted and helpless, and yet find it difficult to talk about this to others.

I don’t have a solution to such a difficult and complex issue, which also continues for my friend till today, but I do know that it helped his family a lot to just be able to share their situation and talk through it with trusted people who would not judge, so that they did not feel they had to go through it alone. Too often, silence and shame and society’s judgment or discomfort gets in the way of actually helping us, when we could all be stronger together.

I love that you’re focusing on taking action and being active – that strength and wisdom inspires me and I’m so glad you’re taking care of your health and spending time in nature and with friends. We don’t know what the future brings, and I hope you get to see your son soon, whether in person or even on video or voice calls. One idea I had was perhaps writing to him even if he cannot read it now. In future if/when you reunite, he will know that you thought of him, and grew with him, and loved him throughout this period of distance.

Sending you much love and support

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