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Dear Gracie,

Thank you for letting us know how you are doing. Dear Deb and Moon, heartfelt condolences on your losses.

It is a terrible thing that has brought you all to this space, it is a terrible thing to have in common. Yet out of this come new connections that you are all forging here out of your shared experiences. As you say Gracie, life carries on. It is one of the harshest truths to face; even as your world has changed, the rest of the world still seems to go on as before.

However, it is little but yet not-so-little things like these, messages to one another, sharing songs, sharing words of comfort and inspiration from others who have walked this road, that makes your own journey that little bit more bearable.

So do keep reaching out, encouraging and holding space for one another. That is how we all make it through this.

Wishing each of you strength. xx

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