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Hi dear Moon
Thank you, I think?
I appreciate you sharing your beautiful poems with me…
Love to know how your fairing my friend, have you found anything else to soothe your pain, any other sites or friends or?
I found another site called loss mothers, and also spirit sisters which at times is helpful sometimes not, I did also learn there are closed Facebook sites for parents but as I’m sooo not wanting to start FB, so not into the whole social media thing, not at all, I might have to think about it more though as I’m so needing to have a place to be often, where I might find some comfort being around other loss mothers, I find it hard as I’m so alone and although have My hubby and darling son they are defiantly not as messy as me which just makes me feel so like the only one here that’s so unable to function……
So yes struggling every day
Hoping to hear from you and how you are doing really….
Love to you
And all loss mothers

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