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Because that you are going
And never coming back
And I, however absolute,
May overlook your track –
Because that death is final,
However first it be,
This instant be suspended
Above mortality –
Sigfica cance that each has lived
The other to detect
Discovery not God himself
Could now annihilate
Eternity, presumption
The instant I perceive
That you, who were existence
Yourself forgot to live-
The ‘life that is’ will then have been
A thing I never knew –
Until the realm of you
The ‘life that is’to be ‘ to me
A residence too plain
Unless in my redeemers face
I recognise your own –
Of immortality who doubts
He may exchange with me
Curtailed by your obscuring face
Of everything but he –
If ‘ God is love ‘ as he admits
We think that he must be
Because he is a jealous God
He tells us certainly
If ‘ all is possible with ‘ him
As he besides concedes
He will refund us finally
Our confiscated gods –
Emily Dickinson, 1873

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