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Im dreading xmas, I spent last year looking after Mum, who had Dementia,and my doing so, split my family apart. I have no regrets looking after Mum. Im not only mourning mum but my extended family. Mum would be devastated for me, knowing as a result of following her wishes, I have no family,any more. I dont want to reconcile with my sisters, but my niece and her chilren,I do. Christmas to me is about kids. I reached out, no response.
I was spoilt up until mums decline, as she would make me xmas cake every year. I am full of emotions, hurt and anger about family and deep sorrow, missing Mum.
Vmsapphire hits nail on head about the “firsts”
Excruciating is the feeling I have.
Im so grateful to have found Griefline, and can speak openly with out being judged.
Many Thanks

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