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Dear grieving friends,
My only friends, actually…
My friend Moon, thank you for these songs, you have the heart of a poet, for sure, that heart of a loving mother whose lost our beautiful child, brings this out in this way, thank you for being someone I can be with here…..

I hope it’s okay here to make a suggestion, I’ve found a site which has so much honest conversation, so many different views from special talks….take a look it’s called good mourning ….
2 Young women who’ve been shocked at the lack of support for us devastated people, you know out there, the lack of friends etc….. a place where we can explore lots of different podcasts, and honest chats…..I particularly liked Megan Devine ( it’s ok not to be ok) anyway I hope this helps some of you just to find some sustenance maybe even some hope… a way to explore as many here, me too, not really able to find support/ losing hope etc, and to damn tired to even try at times, just good to listen when you can’t actually do anything or are so confused….
So much love

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