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Don’t really need to watch the film, her face tells the story already don’t you think. I picture us looking the same way…
I’m certain if I happened to cross your path and we shared a glance I’d instantly recognize our common pain.
Like in that poem from Dr Joanne (which I still read daily) I would see it in you, and you in me, as we do, here in words.
I’m having a particularly teary weekend, as you say, the longer time stetches between us, the harder it is to fathom.
How do you sleep these days ? I always wake in the early hours, would probably get up and wander room to room aimlessly,
but my big old ginger cat wouldn’t be happy. But it’s the moments just before waking I find the hardest, when you’ve just been
dreaming of your child. I don’t get to choose the dreams, sometime they are of happy times, sometimes they are of the weeks/days leading up to his death,
sometimes he has already passed, but I can always smell, touch, hear him, so I welcome them.
Although it feels so utterly lonely sitting here crying by myself, I find comfort in knowing I have a friend holding hands with me xx

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