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Hi Deb, thank you for being there for all of us, your words echo mine, please keep writing.
Yep, I reckon our kids are comparing agriculture notes together ! Jeremy couldn’t attend school as much as he wanted to, but never missed that class.
Our high school had an entire farm and vegie patch. And yes we’ve always had a houseful of pets: rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies, cats and dogs also.
I feel that dream in the forest – do you recognize it, is it closeby ? Whenever I dream of my son it’s always here at home, or when we’ve been on holidays.
I know you love weeding, but spring is here somewhat, so why not plant a few flowers to attract the birds and butterflies like I just did.
Of course I sat there regarding my work, knowing my son will never ever sit with me on the deck to look at them, and sobbed my little heart out.
So often things feel pointless and fruitless, but it brought me joy and the sun shone through the clouds, it actually rained next door but not chez moi.
I hear you wanting to connect with others, so do I, but can only truly relate to other parents whose child has gone through cancer.
There are things weighing on my mind that I nowhere to express. I used to be a pretty good poet, but can’t deal…
I had an unexpected ‘condolences’ from an old neighbour yesterday at the shops, what to reply? I just asked how did you know ? and walked away.
I’m so very grateful I found this role as a compagnion/carer for this 90yr old gent. Probs wouldn’t leave the house otherwise.
Can have the same conversation over and over haha, feels good to be appreciated, would feel useless otherwise, taking him to a Neil Diamond concert at the Opera House.
never knew Hugh Sheridan could sing, know him from “packed to the rafters”.
Shilo was my childhood friend, might post a song on your thread, gonna delete mine xxx

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