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Dear G/l I am sorry about putting my number on I had just been copying my note word for word, so sorry about that…..

Dearest Moon, broken mumma of your beautiful boy, you are so right it is the cruelest, that’s the word, our children are part of us, always and forever, and to be taken like that rips into our very souls we are just left writhing in pain and that’s how it is now.
At the same time our love is still the same and I know we need to give it…..I’m feeling like that’s my purpose to open up our haven (Sayge’s haven) for other bereaved families, if I can help even 1 other mumma feel less alone, if my darling boy could be in the presence of other kids who’ve lost there brother or sister and meet all the animals etc, we’ll I think that’s creating a better world……
I too so wish you were closer, I would love to hug n cry with you, I’d feel safe, I hope we can do that one day, or talk on the ph for hours even…..
Your home in my mind looks beautiful with all the gums and bush land, all the native animals I so love it…..
I hope you don’t mind me saying you are my own carol king, and thank you so much my friend…..
I’m not a computer person At All so I wouldn’t even know how to start a whatever you called it, but I am here for you to rant to Always.
I’m a bit worried about having put my notes out at the shops, anyway I did it in a brave moment and we’ll see what comes won’t we….
Love to you much love to everyone
Thanks always for listening

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