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Hey Deb, I hear you. Wish I lived nearby. When I’m sitting on my deck feeding the birds, shedding tears, I feel less alone, knowing you are probably doing the same.
I can picture your home in my head, as you can probably mine from our sharings. We both have a child forever 19…
Like you, I have no family, friends disappear, but I still need to talk about my son. Not just about my loss, but also everything beautiful about him, like you with Sayge.
So many positives in despite of their lives being so cruelly cut short. So incredibly impossible hard for a parent to bury their own child..
I had my last grief line counselling session a few weeks ago, which I’m so appreciative for, we often talked about how little support there is for parents of adult children.
Insert swear words, but once my son turned 18, all the support he’d known since age 10 suddenly disappeared. That included me with Redkite counsel.
I love her idea suggested of setting up a safe place for parents to share, but I’m not up for the task, maybe you can create a site Deb ?xxxxx

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