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Hello dear friends ,
Loving Moon, mumma of Jeremy
Devoted grieving mumma of darling Scout….ALWAYS….
I am here always listening, empathising, feeling the raw pain with you all here……
I’ve made up a little sign, I wanted to share, maybe see what you think, it’s my way to try to find others like us and hopefully start something helpful for us grieving lonely people, I’m going to put it up in a couple of local shops,?so it reads

To any other bereaved families (and especially siblings) of your child, we too are living with this unbearable loss, we are just here to offer our garden as a refuge from a world which doesn’t understand, to just be together, to just come alongside informally to share a cup of tears. Come as you are, no pretence here Sunday afternoons……
In kindness and memory of our Sweet Angel Sayge forever 19, Deb, Andy Archer

We the bereaved need something tangible and local

Also my children have always had little shops, when we moved here some years back, we now had a farm gate shop which we sell whatever produce and eggs but also beauty filled bunches of flowers, Sayge made them all so proudly, so just to share it’s been too painful to place anything there, I just cannot pick her flowers, so when the lemons were all falling off we didn’t want to waste them? Ohh what to do, so I’ve put a little sign on the table which reads

Please honour this as sacred space a moment!
In beloved memory of our darling sweet Sayge forever 19
Who tended her little shop and home with such loving care, so much heartfelt joy
Every single day
If we can manage! To place some goods here it’s done with a heavy broken heart.
Please hold our Sayge in your hearts as you move through your busy days
And as we, Sayge’s broken hearted family
Try to navigate this impossible loss without her loving presence

Be blessed today
Be kind to all
Be kind

Thank you So, Sayge’s loving family. 14/11/01-15/1/21

So I’m finding it feels right to spread love and an awareness so people can stop and think, this seems to help in some way just to bring awareness I suppose I’m hoping something will come so we’ll see, anyway just sharing.

So much love to you all to endure yet another lonely day

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