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VM – OnAJourney

Dear Deb
Thank you for your powerful post. It is so true that the pain we experience in our grief is a reflection of the deep love for the one who has passed. That might be a consolation at times, and at times it is just plain raw pain. And a deep sense that it is so wrong and inexplicable. We are trying to make sense of the loss but there is no sense at all. It takes immense courage to love so deeply and grieve so deeply. You are not alone, Deb. And your sharing helps others to feel less alone and isolated in their grief. Thank you for your courage and your thoughts and words. And while you might be right that generally it is easier for people to interact with positive thoughts and feelings, this forum is a space where we can share our pain and sadness – in an unfiltered and raw way.
You are on an incredibly tough journey – please be assured that there are people out there who understand and think of you.
Sending you love and care x

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