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Hello dear Jamie,
So grateful for your kind words, I sure do understand the agony of all posting here, to speak out loud is confronting, though it’s so helpful to me to receive a response as it helps me to feel acknowledged in my pain.
Jamie, your love Josie! I feel your loving and longing for Josie, all reflected in your deep caring for your boy, it’s so wonderful how he can feel safe enough to cry with you, you are doing so well there, sharing your heart with him this way, I really do believe by doing this you are allowing him to be real! Rather than packing it away, he will become so compassionate because your heart is open, even though bleeding.
Holding you today friends as it’s a very sad day for you. Thinking of you, and thankyou for helping me.
Hope to hear from you again, your writing is so heart felt.

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