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Good morning Deb
Your writing is very powerful and insightful. I sometimes find myself pouring out some anger in my writing. Here’s what I wrote yesterday. We are interring my 49yo wife’s ashes tomorrow.

Josie sits in a box in the walk in robe. Ashes to ashes. The sheer biology of it is mindblowing and heartbreaking.
“Pick up the pieces mate” was a comment made to me this week. Really? Pick up the pieces? Our life is a little bit more like a train wreck as the weeks proceed so there are plenty of pieces to pick up. Might take me the rest of my life to pick up these pieces. There are shards of hurt, crumpled side panels of heartbreak, a smashed windscreen of future hopes and dreams and blood and tear stained upholstery strewn all over the tracks.

Keep writing and sharing your story and know that there are plenty of people to offer support.

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