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Reply To: I feel like I was the last straw for my dad’s suicide :(

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one I feel like I was the last straw for my dad’s suicide :( Reply To: I feel like I was the last straw for my dad’s suicide :(


Hi teew,

Thank you for reaching out to us to support you through this very difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s clear that you loved your father very much given all the support, care and strength you have showed him over the years. The Christmas card he wrote to you is a beautiful reminder of how much you were there for him throughout some tough times in his life and should serve as a reminder of the beautiful and strengthening relationship you both had.

Your decision to not live with your dad was made out of wanting to protect your own mental health and that is always a good decision.

Its very understandable that you are feeling many mixed emotions at the moment including anger. As you allow yourself to move through these emotions, its important that you do not accept blame for what your fathers decided to do or his actions.

I wonder if right now while you are coming to terms with your loss, are you ensuring you also practicing self care ? Are you getting enough sleep and making time to get outside and go for a walk?

I have attached links to our griefline resources including understanding symptoms of grief and coping with grief, and some tools for relaxation.

Coping with Grief

Tools For Rest and Relaxation

Please continue to reach out to us, we are here for you. x

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