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Hello @dpowell3840 and @halffull, it has been a while since there was a reply on this thread but I wanted to reply because it’s something I’ve been through as well. Losing friends is so hard, especially when you feel like you are the only one making an effort to keep the friendship going. I have moved towns quite a bit over the last few years and with COVID it has also disrupted some routines that helped me feel connected to friends. It’s sad when you feel like you are losing touch with people you were once really close to.

For me, one thing I found helpful since the lockdowns ended has been volunteering in community activities. I volunteer at the community art centre and at a local sports club. This was hard at first because I felt uncomfortable ‘putting myself out there’ and getting to know people initially, but now these activities are something I do every weekend and it has helped me feel more connected to people again. Although I am not ‘friends’ with everyone at these activities I am definitely getting to know some people better and I think with time I could start to call 1 or 2 of them friends.

I wonder how things are going for you now @dpowell3840?

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