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@sue – I too am going through a marriage separation after 25 years together…and from a narcissist. I find I have good days and bad. Some days I feel like I’m flying because the weight is off my shoulder…I’m free of his bullying and belittling. But then other days I feel like I’m walking through mud – everything feels like an effort. I never know what each day is going to be like for me but the financial side of things really gets me down.

Being lonely is not something new to me either – we never did anything positive together anyway. However I am reaching out to my friends and family and being totally vulnerable. I have found their support has been incredible – I never realised how loved/cared for I am. I continue to reach out and not hold back on my ups and downs. Sharing the burden with them helps me so much.

These are the words of one of my cousins (someone I have not been all that close with but who can empathise, and cares)…

“The one thing I can say is you get through the tough times no matter how scary it can feel & then slowly things change for the better. Stay strong and grow from it, you will look back in time & be so proud of yourself ❤️”.

Wise words xx

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