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I lost my mum April last year and couldnt travel overseas for the funeral due to covid restrictions and high ocst of air fares. I dont really think i grieved well, i keep telling myself a time will come when i can talk about it or even look at ther picture without this deeply and immensely hurtful feeling. I wasnt ready to sepak out about it but i am not coping very well so i have finally decided to seek out professional help. Not sure if its the right thing or if it will help but what i am doing is not working. I had already been dealing with depression since 2018 then this happended and damn its hard. I take medication to cope, my psychiatrist has been most helpful, but i woder if this is a short term solution.
It is said there is no right way to grief but how does one cope wiht losing the most important person in their lives? how do you fill the gap left? the everyday role that person played in your life?

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