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Dear @Bunny69, a warm welcome to the forums. We are so grateful to have you here and to see your supportive engagement with other community members. Despite your own heartache, you have shown incredible empathy for others …we hope your generosity of spirit brings some comfort to you just as it does them. 🌈

It is less than a week since the loss of your brother and our hearts go out to you. We are encouraged to see that you have adopted a number of coping strategies to help with your unique grief experience. We agree that crying can be very therapeutic – it’s a self-embrace when there are no words to truly express the sadness.

And we’re interested in your strategy of ‘re-programming your mind’ to see yourself as well as your brother when you come across things that remind you of him … we’d love to know more about this self-care tool if you would like to share. Learning from other’s coping strategies is one of the most supportive aspects of the forums. Such as @Sad_Daughter’s post from August 9, in which she shares how she’s navigated her grief journey since the loss of her beloved father “I have an old jumper of his – one that he’d actually worn when I was a baby (I have a photo of him wearing it and holding me) so at night, in bed, I’d just hug it for comfort. I also lit a candle every night next to his photos and poured through old photo albums…” We encourage everyone to read it – it is really inspiring and may be helpful to you too.

we hope you will continue to share with us and that you receive the same support and understanding from others. We are here for you. 🌸

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