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I received a phone call on the 28th of March to say my parents had been involved in a car accident, a car had crossed from the wrong side of the road and hit them. 4 weeks ago today we turned off my mums life support as she sustained horrific injuries. My dad is alive but with broken bones and wounds. I have seen enough evidence to know my mum is gone but it’s like my brain can’t comprehend it and I feel like I am going insane. I live on the same street and have two small boy who adored their grandparents, my parents were apart of our everyday lives and I feel completely broken. I have no idea how to get through this or to even feel a sense of real ness instead I spend my time pleading to wake up and have her walk through our gate to see my boys and have a cuppa. I miss her so much and I feel like I lost both parents that day because my dad is grieving the traumatic loss of his wife of 50 years. I’m trying to parent my two boys but I feel like I can barely breath most days.

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