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Thanks @onlinecommunity for your kindness and support.

I have been seeing Psychologist for the past few months.

I think I am getting better with some improvements on both my mental and physical health.

I have now moved to a stage where I wake up with missing my dad so badly but I can control the time I think about him.

However, sometimes I just feel sad and down because I know he is not around and I wish to go back to the past so badly.

Processing the fact of losing him is unbelievably hard and killing me.

I have positive thoughts about moving on with life but it is just becoming so hard to be truly happy from the bottom of my heart.

The pain never goes away but it feels like tsunami that keeps coming back and goes away after taking down my emotions.

I guess it is not the fact that losing him is unacceptable but losing him in such an early time when I still want to spend time with him.

I don’t understand why he would leave us so early and god did this to him.

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