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Okay. I’m hearing a huge amount of anger and resentment. Howabout for this moment we focus on one thing and we can look at another on another day. I’m sure we can easily connect given my profile name is up there for everyone to see. I sense there’s a feeling of abandonment but I could be wrong. I’m not going to lie, my ability to sense things is strongest when I see people or I talk to them in person so I’m relying on your written words to give me a feeling. Tell me how you’re feeling. I actually want to say to you “Hit me with it”. Does that kind of describe how you’re feeling? I’ve had/having my own issues in life and it’s hard going. It’s really hard going being able to talk with someone who doesn’t judge you. Well, let’s be real. The people who want to judge us normally have absolutely no idea what we’re going through and so they say things that are meaningless. It can annoy us, we can feel hurt, irritated, whatever but if we stop and think about where they’re coming from, the reality is they probably have no idea and so saying what they think might work and coming from an area of, dare I say it, uselessness :-)?

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