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Hi Effie,

I need to read your messages a few more times so bear with me. It may not be tonight and it may not be tomorrow. They’ve been difficult for me to read because they’re so full of pain. I hear it with every word you write. You’ve been through a lot and I understand that loneliness that you feel. Well, I know that loneliness that you feel and it’s real and it’s really hard to describe to anyone unless they’ve been there. Knowing what I’m like, I’d encourage you to find someone you can talk to but hey, that’s not necessarily easy. Finding the right person might be a journey in itself but when you do, then I believe you’ll be able to express how you’re feeling in a way that will lessen some of your feelings and help you until the next session with the person you talk with. You’re strong, by the way. To open up, even in a community where visually you are unseen, is a willingness to expose yourself. I congratulate you on this because it’s people like you who help others in similar situations to start opening up.