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Well another crap week has passed and one of the children is just always being rude, abusing his brother n sister. And he told me he wants to leave. So I arrange it. My husband blames me and says find someone else to fight with.
Totally disgusting he has treated me the same way his family has for the last eight years. I think it’s time to make some choices.
I’m alone and very unhappy. I’ve been unhappy for years.
And it’s amazing how this all comes to surface when my dad passes away.
My husband says. When u stop going to the cemetery have U got a plan.
So he has an issue with me going to see dad everyday. Why should he care right. He has not supported me for 30 years what’s gonna change now. Or does he feel sorry for me.
It’s good how it’s all one sided.
I’m fed up with being used and treated like crap from everyone.