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Happy New Year to everyone in our growing First Responders community! Continuing on the topic of self-care, thought we’d post a grab from an excellent article on the new Griefline Resource Hub…it’s an interview with ‘Margot’ – a palliative care nurse who discusses getting through COVID, self-care and support networks and helping people say goodbye…below is an excerpt and you can check out the whole story here

‘Crisis situations ask a lot of first responders, creating the need for increased vigilance and added safety protocols. During lockdown, restrictions also cut people off from their healthy coping mechanisms like going to the footy, the gym, or seeing their friends. It can be helpful to create new rituals and coping mechanisms, like changing clothes or showering when you get home to help you feel like you’ve transitioned out of the workday. Reading, cooking healthy and comforting meals, and getting out of the house to exercise are all key to wellbeing. “And having a dog is a godsend,” Margot says. She recalls that during the lockdown, she and her colleagues would meet to check-in, walk their dogs together and use the time to debrief about work.’

Our list of self-care rituals/tips is growing…let us know if you have something to share…

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