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    Welcome to a place to discuss the loss of a pet animal.

    For many, the loss of a pet can mirror the grief experienced when we lose a family member. The bonds we make with animals can provide us with joy, pleasure and companionship, and when they die, we can be left feeling deep sadness, isolation and loneliness.

    People around us may not associate grief and loss with the passing of a pet and assume you won’t be affected or at least, not for long. This can result in feelings of hurt, anger and resentment and sometimes leads to withdrawal.

    This forum is a space to freely reminisce about your pet, share your feelings of grief, discuss its effects on your relationships, and share coping strategies that have helped.

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    Dear @BabyMushu, we wanted to check in with you following your post expressing your anguish over the loss of your beloved cat Mushu. Our hearts go out to you for your sudden and unexpected loss. He sounds like a gorgeous little furry soul who brought you, your daughter and partner so much affection and joy. We understand that the loss of a companion animal can be devastating especially one that has become an integral part of your family. We hope that you were able to find some solace in @Kerry’s beautiful post in response to yours. She shared some wonderful tips for continuing the bond with a companion animal. In case you missed it, here is the link https://griefline.org.au/online-forums/topic/the-death-of-a-pet-can-hurt-as-much-as-the-loss-of-a-relative/#post-15516 .
    You might also be helped by the self-care activities on our Mindfulness for Grief page. They include simple instructions for journaling and mindful breathing along with a meditation by Smiling Minds. Sometimes we look past this type of self-care tool in search of something more concrete when really we need to take the time to be kind to ourselves and allow for some moments of peace. Here is the link to access these.

    , we would love to hear how you are going and whether you have been able to find some light in your days again? We are here for you. 🌸


    I’m trying to cope with losing my cat. He was not even 4 years old. And the death was a shock cause there was no visible signs of anything being wrong. The vet thinks it was a heart attack. He was my first baby. I now have a 18 month old daughter and she and our cat Mushu were the best of friends, they always played gently with each other and she would laugh just by looking at him. Every night he would sleep between me and my partners heads but he always need my arm to put his front paws on. Now everything feels empty and every day feels worse. I don’t know how to live with this loss. I’m in desperate need of some guidance if anyone out there’s has lost a pet they loved like their own child.


    It can be really hard if you lose a family pet or a companion pet because sometimes it can feel like no-one understands that you mourn just the same. I wonder if anyone has some beautiful ideas on how to get through grieving for their pet they could share?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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