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Using mindfulness to help with grief

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    It might sound counter-intuitive, but mindfulness can really help you to cope with grief.

    Mindfulness is a way of focusing on the moment we are in – we tend to live our lives mostly thinking on the past (remembering and feeling emotions about it) and the future (worrying and planning for it), rather than simply experiencing the moment we’re living in today. This very much encompasses grief, which can often lead us to become very focused on the past in an unhelpful way.

    Mindful practice, if you’ve ever tried it, is an amazing way to slow down, take a moment, and find respite.

    This article gives you a few very simple ways to begin practicing mindfulness:

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    Thank you for your generous, insightful post. Most people understand that mindfulness is a useful tool however, speaking for myself, I can always find an excuse to not practice it. However, today I read the article you linked to your post and it was brilliant. It reminded me that I practice mindfulness when I’m on the tram, watching the world through the windows; when I’m sitting in my garden with a cup of tea, watching the birds flying back to roost at sunset; even when I’m hanging the washing out and I smell the garden and hear the birds. Thank you for your generosity of spirit in sharing this article.

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