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    I was wondering if someone can help us in the last 21 months we have had to put both our dogs down the most recent only 6 weeks ago. My partner is really struggling to come to terms with it and what he had to do. He was his child and did everything with him. They were both inside dogs and slept on the bed with us and his little man was a big support when we put our first one down and now he has gone too. Just after some help or advice on how to move forward.

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    Hi @aroseb I am so sorry to hear that you and your partner lost such important members of your family consecutively. It must have been hard for you both to have to grieve with another loss when you might have still been grieving for the one that left you not so long ago. There are different ways to move forward, although please be kind to yourself and same goes for your partner that everyone’s grief is unique and will take as long as it takes to process. It is okay to allow yourself the space to be sad and reminisce if that is what you both need.

    Some advice that I could offer is to honour/pay homage to them such as, planting a tree, framing a picture of them, or it might be beneficial to just talk about the fond memories of your dogs. This forum is a good place to utilise to talk with people who can understand your strong connection to your pets. You and your partner are not alone in this grieving process, and should you or your partner would like to have a chat, our helpline is available 8am-8pm AEDT any day of the week. I will also attach an article “Losing a Pet” which may be useful for you and your partner in coping with this loss


    Hello @aroseb, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your dogs sounded like beautiful companions. I just want to acknowledge how brave it is of you to have shared your personal experience here on the Griefline forum. I also want to let you know that grief is a personal and unique experience for every individual and these feelings are completely natural. I also lost my rabbit at the end of 2023. As we all have our own personal experiences, I can’t imagine how hard this is for you and your partner. I acknowledge that your partner is really struggling to come to terms with having to put both your dogs down, what an incredibly heavy burden to carry. Thank you for sharing your experience. We are here to listen and support you.

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    Hello @aroseb. Losing two beloved pets so close together sounds incredibly painful. It seems they were such constant companions that their absence is something that is difficult not to be reminded of as you and your partner go through daily life. Losing pets can be just as painful as other types of losses, and the same impacts of grief can be experienced by people. I lost my lovely cat a couple of years ago and although I still feel incredibly sad to think of him, it helps when my family and I remember the funny things he did or the way he would comfort us. It sounds like you are being sensitive and compassionate to your partner at this time, which I’m sure provides them with support. It’s wonderful that you’ve reached out for some advice through this forum. As mentioned above, the Griefline Helpline (1300 845 745 ) is for anyone experiencing grief and loss, so please feel free to use this service if you feel you or your partner need some extra support.


    Hi @aroseb, I’m so sorry that you have lost both your companions in this way. It is so hard to make that choice, though perhaps it can help to reflect that it comes from your love for them and compassion for their suffering. Companion animals can become like members of our family. I have never forgotten any of the wonderful creatures who have graced our home over the years and I have mourned them all. Please feel free to share more with us about your friends or call us on the the Griefline Helpline (1300 845 745 ) if it helps to talk with a compassionate volunteer. You are not alone.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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