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    Like to share brief info with everyone about a special cat who I know watches over me

    I rescued my Billy as a terrified kitty living on the streets. He became the most loveable and loving couch potato of a cat I have ever had before or since. He used to love sitting on my hip like human child and giving me head butts. As the sun rose and started to shine thru the windows I said the final goodbye to Billy.

    Last year I started working as volunteer at a cat rescue group where on one of my first days a big brown tabby approached me with out stretch paws. This from a cat who is too timid to let anyone touch him, the major difference is Billy was grey tabby. Each time I look at this brown tabby I’m reminded of my Billy as if he is watching over the rescue cats as well as me

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    Its sounds like your Billy had a great sense of fun! Do you think he may have sent the big brown tabby to you, to help you smile again?


    Your connection with Billy is genuinely heartwarming, and it’s clear that he was more than just a pet; he was a companion and a friend. It’s understandable how much you miss him, as the love and trust between a pet and their human is truly special. The pain you feel is a testament to the deep bond you both shared.

    Billy’s spirit lives through you. By working with the rescue group, you’re giving other cats a chance to experience the same love Billy did. This brown tabby seems to have taken a special liking to you, and that might not be a coincidence. Perhaps it feels your kindness and the love you gave to Billy.


    Hi @patches63, thank you so much for sharing your incredible story of your unforgettable furry friend, Billy. Your words about his bubbly personality, like his little head buts and taking his place on the couch, made me smile. It sounds like Billy brought so much joy into your life! Pets really do bring such a unique and powerful sense of companionship and friendship. I, too, lost my cat, Monty, who I also miss so much! He also reminded me of a human child and was my best friend in many ways, the bond we shared was inseparable, and I still feel his presence. Just like the sun shone through the window as you said goodbye to Billie, I can see how he continues to be a shining light guiding you as you embark on your journey at the rescue group. How have things been since, and how is everything going with the gorgeous brown tabby? It warmed my heart to hear how he warmed up to you, I know Billie is right there with you, cheering both of you on.


    Nice story.

    You and Billy have an awesome connection between Pet and the owner.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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