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Loss due to Suicide – can’t find support

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    My soul sister committed Suicide by hanging in December. I don’t fit in anywhere. We were family to each other bonded for 30 years over childhood trauma. Groups define support groups as – partner, parent, child, family. I am in so much pain with no label. I am in the outer east and just want to find people who understand.

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    So even here after 24hrs I am alone that’s days a lot

    VM – OnAJourney

    Dear blueyes
    I did send you a reply yesterday, however, my post has not gone through yet. It says ‘awaiting moderation’, maybe that’s because I included some links to websites.
    You are going through a pretty challenging time, losing your soul sister you had such a deep and meaningful connection with. And what makes it even harder is that you feel really alone in this, without people around you who understand and are able to sit with your pain.
    Not sure what ‘outer east’ you are referring to, if that is Melbourne, Suicide Line Victoria and Support After Suicide might be good starting points for trying to find a local support group. I won’t include the links this time in the hope the post goes through then without issues.
    If you feel comfortable talking to someone over the phone, you might find the Griefline phone helpline a good option, particularly while you are looking for a support group. Grief can be a very isolating experience – good on you for reaching out, and for persisting in reaching out.
    Thinking of you.


    Dear Blueeys,
    I could sense the pain you were experiencing through the words that you wrote. The intense pain you have for a sister that you shared a strong bond must be excruciatingly difficult for you. I can’t even begin to imagine what that is like for you, shock, disbelief… The grief you are experiencing is a healthy part of the healing process and understanding your emotions during this time by talking to some of the help services will allow you some time to be kind to yourself during this challenging time.

    There are a few other services that may be of help to you during this difficult time. Suicide callback service are a national 24/7 telehealth service offering free professional phone and online counselling: 1300 659 467; Lifeline 13 11 14; Book a call with griefline on their website

    Remember to take care of yourself, you are not alone and reach out to the above services and grief and loss when you are needing support.


    Thank you and I will

    VM – OnAJourney

    Dear @blueyes
    Very sorry to hear about your loss. It must be incredibly hard to have lost your soul sister whom you had such strong bonds and connection with. And I can imagine that it is indeed hard to find people who understand and are able to sit with the pain you experience. It is great that you’ve found Griefline and our online forum – and I assume you also know about our helpline that you can call to chat with one of our trained volunteers.
    Finding a local support group sounds like a great idea. Not sure where you are based, but if you are in Victoria you might be able to find a support group through or


    Or are you based in a different state?
    You are going through immense grief, and I hope you find ways to be kind to yourself as a way of sustaining you through this difficult time. Take care of your precious self and stay in touch.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by onlinecommunity.

    Dear blue,
    We are all here to share and care please keep telling us your story about your beloved sister, we are empathising with you
    Love and heartfelt care to you and for you
    We are all sisters in pain
    XxDeb ( my sweet Sayge)


    Hello @blueyes,

    it’s been a while since you posted, I am so sorry you went through this and then had that first day without a response to add what must have felt like a new hurt – how have you been? We all know that grief and loss is so hard to carry, we’re here for you. Come back and tell us how you’ve been since…


    Dear Blueyes, how are you? Have you heard of the podcast ‘Good Mourning’? Sal and Im created this podcast through their shared experience of bereavement and loss – their episodes discuss many different aspects of grief, with guests who share their knowledge to help people who may be going through similar experiences.
    I’m hoping that you have been able to access meaningful support which is helping you through this difficult time.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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