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Losing my dog too young

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    Anyone else lost their dog at a young age?
    I can’t seem to relate to anyone who lost their pets because most people’s pets lived longer. My dog died suddenly at 4 years old a few weeks ago and I’m angry frustrated and I feel like I’m alone.
    I loved my dog more than my own family and I knew he was gonna die later on in life. But he was 4. He was healthy. And now he’s dead. I finally found a nice pet friendly place for him and then he dies. I just feel like there is no point to anything anymore. I don’t like people and arlo was the best. I hate that I have to live in this world with people. I wish arlo could just come back to life. Life sucks without him. I’m not even in lockdown. But either way I am because arlo is gone. So nothing matters. I will never leave my house again. I don’t wanna see people because I hate people. My dog was the one who helped me get out of bed. Anyway. I hate that he’s dead. He shouldn’t be. But whatever.

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    Dear @beclovesarlo, a warm welcome to the forums. Our hearts go out to you over the loss of your amazing Arlo. It sounds like he was an integral part of your life, and it’s clear that his loss is devastating to you especially because it was so sudden.

    It might help you to know that you’re not alone in feeling like life sucks after losing a pet you loved so much. There are quite a few posts from community members who felt the same way. Like you, some of them also question how they can cope without their dog or cat. But they somehow find a way … check out @Kerry’s post here where she talks about losing her dog Chloe; “I had some very dark, low months. The things that helped me the most were: to talk about her with people who love animals, and who didn’t tell me to get over it …. Second, to remind myself of the crazy quirky things she used to do that made me laugh…”

    Seeing you’re finding the people in your life hard to deal with right now it’s great that you’ve reached out to the forums community…because right now, you deserve the kindness and understanding of people who get what you’re going through.

    You also deserve some self-compassion. Maybe ask yourself how you would treat Arlo if he was feeling low …you’d probably try to lift his spirits by getting some fresh air. Try turning that love around on yourself and do something good for you.

    We hope that there are others on the forums who get what you’re going through too. Keep in touch. You are not alone. We are here for you. 🌸


    I am so very sorry to hear about Arlo.
    I wish I could say something to provide you with some comfort at this time. I lost my dog Rupert at a young age, he was only 3 and I was devastated. He loved me unconditionally and always seemed to know what I needed. There were times when I was too sad to even talk about it. What helped me in those moments was writing down how I felt in a journal I was keeping at the time, which allowed me to release some of my sadness. I had many funny stories about Rupert that I shared with others to honour his memory.

    Please know we are here for you if you would like to talk or share any memories about Arlo.

    Take care

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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