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How do I cope without my baby?

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Home Forums Loss of a pet How do I cope without my baby?

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    I lost my little 18 yr old chihuahua Tayla on Saturday. She was an abused rescue, so I had her for 11 of her 18 years. We were joined at the hip! In the last 3 years, I would take her absolutely everywhere except work. I wouldn’t plan any occasions unless Tayla could be there with me. Took her to the gym, coffee shop with friends and she was adored by everybody. Got a lot of attention and pretty much everyone in my social circle knew her and loved her. She would sit with me while watching telly, walk around while I garden and patiently wait for me while I had my appointments.

    Her passing has been a very confusing and painful experience. She died of congestive heart failure, so it was very sudden and unexpected. There were no warning signs. She seemed very happy and energetic the morning before her attack. I very quickly took her to the vet and within 2 hrs of arriving she deteriorated. In the consult room, she looked like she was hurting, so I asked the vet to hurry with the injections. She died in my arms with her head resting on my chest.

    Since her passing, I don’t know what to do. She was my world! My day was structured around her 5am/5pm medication regime and around her needs as well as my own. I loved every minute spent with my little girl, with the mornings being my favourite part of the day with Tayla. That’s when I would feed her, take her to the lake, coffee shop, gym, beach…whatever was planned. Now, I dont feel like I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I am terrified of waking up each day with the realisation she isn’t here with me anymore. I haven’t talked to her, held her or kissed her in 5 days now and I miss her so much. She brought so much love and laughter to my life and now she’s gone. I live alone, and feel like there is no point to life without her. We loved each other so much and we were a perfect match in life, had so much fun. I hate going to bed without her and I hate waking up without her. How do you get on with life without your soulmate? Im struggling to find a point to it all.

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    Hi @izzytay04,

    Thank you for your post. It sounds like Tayla was a beautiful part of your life, and that she had a wonderful time with you after you rescued her. What you shared of your life together sounded so rewarding and fun for you both. Her dying was so sudden and she was such an important and central part of your life, that I can appreciate what a hole her loss has left in your life.

    You are not alone in finding this very difficult. Many people struggle when their pet dies, especially when the pet has had such a central place in their lives and when a pet has been so dearly loved like Tayla. We have some information on losing a pet and some tips on coping here:

    Losing a Pet

    It can also be challenging to get the support needed (especially when Tayla used to go with you to most places). There is also some information how to seek comfort here. I hope there are some useful ideas in there for you.

    Coping with Grief

    And we would love you to keep sharing here how you’re going here. If you need to talk, our helpline number is 1300 845 745.
    Take care.

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