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    Griefline is pleased to announce that we are now able to welcome all people aged 25+ who have lost a loved one and live in Australia to register for one of our online support groups. Each group meets on a weekly basis, over four (4) consecutive weeks. The 2022 start dates are: 12th July, 16th August, 9th September and 8th November.

    These 4-week groups integrate psycho-education and evidence-based interventions along with the personal experiences of members of the group to;
    – normalise grief
    – navigate emotional distress
    – reduce isolation
    – foster resilience …and more…

    Like the forums, the group program draws upon the benefits of peer support and develops an understanding of the unique quality of our grief experiences.

    ** We also offer face-to-face support groups for people living in the catchment area of the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (SEMPHN). These are held in St Kilda, Victoria according to demand.

    Head to the Griefline website for more info (including a map of the SEMPHN) and to register. Go to;

    Support groups

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    I would like to join an on line community. My husband passed away 4 months ago and I am struggling coming to terms with his death. I feel very lost and anxious without him and thought it might help if I connect with people.


    Thank you for this. My partner died 5 weeks ago. As Monika wrote “I feel very lost and anxious without him”.


    Dear @Sage and @Monika, our hearts are with you after your recent losses.

    The Griefline Support Group Intake Officer would welcome you to contact them regarding our next Support Group which starts on the 3rd of May, 2022.

    Please reach out to them at [email protected] to discuss whether the group will be a good fit for you – and also your availabilities.

    In the meantime our forums community including the Griefline VolunPeers are here to support you as you face these very difficult first months. So please keep posting. We are here for you. 🌸


    Dear @Monika
    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. The Griefline helpline volunteers can help anytime between 6am-midnight if you need to talk.
    You can register for an online support group either by emailing the Griefline Support Group Intake Officer at [email protected]. Alternative you can register by filling in the form at the bottom of this webpage
    I hope you’re able to find some support.
    Take care

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    Please join this wonderful support service. I can actually see some rays of sunshine breaking through the darkness but only because of the support, education and gentleness of this group. I am far from fixed but feeling braver and aware of what I need to support myself on this tough journey. 🙂


    I missed the last group I just lost my partner of 32 years…and its hard so hard in my brain ….family issues pain weak pain weak head swishes around …very bad .. I have servere mental and she was my support …i dont no what to do …..its bad


    Dear @earlwalk

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling so terrible after the death of your partner. It sounds like it is unimaginably hard at the moment. So many emotions can come up and although that is a normal process of grieving I know how hard it can sometimes feel to imagine that it will ever get any better. But I also know that we do find ways to cope and even start to feel hope again, in time.

    If you would like to talk please reach out to one of our phone support volunteers by calling 1300 845 745 (6am – midnight, 7 days a week). Or you can also reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14.

    If you’d like to find out about the next support group you might like to contact the intake officer at [email protected].

    Take care.


    I lost my best friend two days ago. I have checked into a mental health clinic and received medication to help calm my nerves. Right now I am angry. Angry at him for being stubborn and not going to the hospital, angry at his wife for not being there with him, angry at his sister she was with him and didn’t follow through on his medical condition, angry at myself for not changing my flights and be with him, angry at God as he has taken away the one person I loved. I have tried to talk to people but everyone is feeling the loss as well. I feel so alone. Any support is greatly appreciated.

    VM- thanasis43

    Hi @isaps I’m so sorry to hear you lost your best friend and that you don’t feel able to talk to those around you. We are here for you.

    Anger is an incredibly natural reaction when we feel we have been robbed of someone we love too soon. Releasing this anger in appropriate ways is really important. Running, singing, dancing, kickboxing and other forms of cardio are great for releasing this tension from our bodies. Screaming into a pillow, even.

    Less physical ways to release anger can also include deep breathing, meditation, journaling and counselling. All of these help to calm your body and remind it that it does not need to be in attack-mode right now.

    Please feel free to call Griefline on 1300 845 745 and we can help you unpack some of this anger too.


    Hi @Isaps,

    I’m sorry for your loss. Everyone’s response to loss and grief is unique and it is perfectly normal to be feeling the kind of anger you are feeling right now, especially during the early stages. Thank you for reaching out on the forums for support. @VM-thanasis43 made a great suggestion. You can reach out to the helplines to explore some of the emotions you are feeling, 1300 845 745 (6am – midnight, 7 days a week). I’d like to add that our Resource Hub also has many articles that you might find helpful. I’ve linked some below.

    This first article talks about some of the common experiences of grief (Not exhaustive; grieving is a personal experience):

    Living With Loss and Grief

    This second article goes through some coping strategies:

    Coping with Grief

    Hope this helps. Thank care.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)
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