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    My husband ran over our 10 year old staffy accidentally last week who was my soul mate.. my shadow. I have been beside myself in tears every day.. I cry going to sleep.. I wake up crying.. I miss him so much.. I cry at work.. I’m so sad.. our house feels so empty.. I’m sure my family and friends think I should be over it a little by now.. he was my love and I can’t believe I’m not going to see his eyes looking at me with unconditional love ever again.. we had our own language.. he understood everything I said.. I’d say kiss and he’d give me a smooch on my cheek.. ever morning I’d wake up and say hello my love.. I look around the yard now and I look for him.. I knew where he’d be sunning himself.. I hear noises and think it’s him.. I have visions of his final moments as I was there.. I can’t get it out of my head.. I can’t blame my husband but at the same time I wish he would have been more present and scanned the yard as I did before taking off.. saying where are you Rocco.. please how do I stop feeling so depressed?

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    Dear @missmichelle73

    My heart goes out to you in this tragic loss of your soul mate, Rocco. To lose your best friend in such a heartbreaking and shocking way sounds so incredicbly difficult. I appreciate your strength in writing it out here – its so fresh in your heart and mind – but there is so much love and sweet little smooches. It’s no surprise that the grief that follows such a loss of a fluffy best friend has such prfound impact on you – give yourself time to grieve – You don’t have to “be over” anything. Grief can come in ebbs and flows and it is best to be prepared for good days and bad days. Animals have such a unqiue relationship to humans, but it hurts just as much – if not more – when they leave us. Your husband’s mistake sounds truly painful for you.

    Griefline has a couple of resources for when we lose our best friends – it may seem inconsequential, but these little things can have a big impact on us in this really hard time:

    Losing a Pet

    How has your home been since this accident? How has your sleep and eating been? Taking care of yourself is a great place tos tart but often the hardest.

    I witness your pain and encourage you to call Griefline on 1300 845 745 between 6am – midnight AEST if you want to talk about this more.

    Keep writing – we are here xxxx


    Hello @missmichelle73,

    I am so sorry that you’re going through this, I can hear your love and loss so clearly. Rocco sounds like he was a really special dog and such a big part of your life, it is totally understandable that you’d feel this way. Grief is many things, but simple and short-lived are rarely on the list – it’s okay to be where you are and to feel how you feel and believe me you will not be alone in that. Through all the pain that comes with such a loss, we do sometimes discover we are stronger than we thought, can bear more than we thought possible.

    There are so many others here in the forums who have loved and lost their four-legged family, I encourage you to share with them and reach out to them; I sometimes think of grief like trees in a forest – every one different and unique, and yet all the same in so many ways that count.

    I hope you have found the care you need since you posted this, either from Griefline, from yourself and family, or from elsewhere. Every one of us here could do with support at one time or another, so please make sure you find as much as you can, We’re here for you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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